System monitoring custom metric for errors in table locking of TBTCO…

From availability perspective, you want to detect as quickly as possible if you are suffering from locking errors of table TBTCO. TBTCO table is used for printing. If the locking error situation occurs the printing function will fail, and even worse, it can impact the complete SAP ABAP system.

You can create a custom monitoring metric to measure and act on this.

Creation of the custom metric for errors in table locking of TBTCO

Create a custom metric following the steps in this blog. The template to be adjusted is the technical instance SAP ABAP 7.10 and higher template.

Don’t forget to tick it on for monitoring otherwise it is not active.

In expert mode create a custom metric.

Create technical name Z_METRIC_ERR_LOCK_TBTCO:

In the data collection:

Data to enter: RFC on diagnostics agent (push). Select ABAP System Log Stats. Filter on message text *TBTCO*. This captures severe errors for TBTCO like the locking error.

Define the threshold for alerting:

And assign the metric to the ABAP Instance not available alert group:

Monitoring critical OS processes through Health Monitoring…

SAP Focused Run Health Monitoring helps us to extend monitoring capabilities to Non SAP world. It provides us with many monitoring functionalities like URL Availability & Performance monitoring, URL Certificate Monitoring, OS Script Monitoring, OS Process Monitoring & Logfile Monitoring . We can activate these monitoring functionalities whether its a SAP or Non SAP application

With OS Process Monitoring functionality we can monitor the availability of critical OS level processes on any host.

With System Monitoring templates you can also activate custom metric for monitoring OS processes however this will be applicable for all system/hosts for which you activate the template.

For monitoring critical OS processes for specific hosts you need to setup using Health Monitoring functionality.

To access Health Monitoring functionality you can navigate to Health Monitoring app in the Focused Run launch pad.


The only prerequisite for configuring OS process monitor in Health Monitoring is that you should have registered the host and deployed Simple Diagnostic Agent (SDA) on the host where you want to monitor the critical process.


For setting up the OS process monitor you need to navigate to the settings page of the Health Monitoring App.

In the settings area expand the metrics node and click on the pencil button (Edit Metric) for OS Processes.

In the OS Process edit metric screen click on Add Metric button to start creating the OS Process Metric.

In Add Metric screen enter the following details

Process NameName of the OS process. This parameter needs to be maintained as a regular expression. SDA will use this expression for searching for the respective OS process at OS level.
User (Optional)You can further restrict the search for processes running through a specific user. You need to enter the name as a regular expression
Command Line (Optional)You can further restrict by the specific command line with which the process is running . This is specifically useful if there are multiple processes running with the same name but you want to monitor the process which is running with a specific argument or parameter. This also needs to be maintained as regular expression.
HostnameName of the host where the process to be monitored. You can select from a list of all hosts connected (also SDA deployed) to the Focused Run system.

In the General Settings tab you can also specify the data collection frequency and the threshold. By default 5 minutes frequency and Already Rated threshold is set.

Optionally you can update the alert settings for this metric in the Alert Settings tab. By default alerting is active with medium severity.

After entering all details, to activate the metric click on Save button.

You can monitor all you OS process metrics in the OS Processes tab of the Health Monitoring App.

Configuring Wily Enterprise Manager for monitoring in SAP Focused Run…

In our previous blog we explained how to configure a SAP Netweaver Java systems for monitoring in SAP Focused Run system. One of the prerequisite for this is to configure the Byte Code Injection (BCI) adapters.

The BCI adapters send the monitoring data to the central Wily EM . The Wily EM then sends the monitoring data to Focused Run System

Configuring Wily Enterprise Manager (Wily EM) for monitoring in SAP Focused Run is required if you monitor following types of systems where many monitoring metrics data is collected by BCI adapters.

  • SAP Netweaver AS Java
  • SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence
  • BOE Web Application Server
  • SAP Data Services
  • Apache Tomcat
  • SAP Archiving and Document Access (ADA) by OpenText for Tomcat
  • SAP Invoice Management (IM) for OCR Option by OpenText
  • SAP Convergent Charging
  • SAP Mobile Platform
  • SAP Hybris Commerce Suite

Unlike SAP Solution Manager, no Wily EM is required for monitoring in Focused Run if none of the managed systems use BCI adapters for their monitoring.

For connecting to a SAP Focused Run System the Wily EM installation should be of version 10.5 or higher and the EM Management Module (MM) Packages shall have minimum version MM 10.5 SP02 Patch 0 or higher.

Note: You can have only one Wily EM per customer network, however, if you install an Enterprise Manager Cluster, you can install any number of Enterprise Manager Collector Instances in the same Customer Network.

You can follow SAP Note 797147 for instructions on how to install Wily EM.


The only prerequisite for connecting a Wily EM to a Focused Run system is that you should have installed host agent on the host of the Wily EM and have configured outside discovery of the host agent to connect to the Focused Run system.

To configure outside discovery of the host agent execute the following command

Execute the below script  from /usr/sap/hostctrl/exe
 ./saphostctrl -function  ConfigureOutsideDiscovery -enable -sldusername <FRUN LDDS or SLDR user> -sldpassword xxxxxxxxxx -sldhost <FRUN host or SLDR host> -sldport <FRUN or SLDR port>

Configuring the WIly EM

To connect the Wily EM to the Focused Run system perform the following steps.

  1. Update file setting:<virt name>
  2. Restart Wily EM.