Monitoring Number of Long Running Jobs

In SAP Focused Run there is no standard way of monitoring number of long running jobs either in System Monitoring or in Job Monitoring

With Job Monitoring you can monitor if a specific job is running for more than specific amount of time, but we can’t monitor if there are more than a specific number of jobs that are running for more than a specific amount of time.

And in System monitoring we can only monitor if there are more than a specific number of cancelled jobs or job in status running but we can’t monitor long running jobs.

Note: To know more about Job Monitoring you can refer to our blog here.

However, the Focused Run Guided Procedure Framework provides a pre-build plugin by which you can create a custom guided procedure to check the number of long running batch jobs in a managed system.


To access Guided Procedures App navigate to Advanced System Management area on the Focused Run launchpad and click on the System Management Guided Procedure App.

Then on the Guided Procedure app navigate to Guided Procedure Catalog page.

On the Catalog Page click on the + button to create a new custom guided procedure.

In the next pop-up screen provide a name and description. Optionally you need to select a package if you want to transport your guided procedures e.g. from DEV Focused Run system to PROD Focused Run system.

Then back in the Guided Procedure Catalog screen click on the guided procedure you just created to open it for editing.

In the guided procedure edit screen click on Edit button.

In the Properties section provide a name for the step and a description as shown below.

Then in the Step Content section click on New button to add a step.

In the next popup select the plugin ABAP Long Running Jobs and provide the threshold for time range as long running Job. You can also specify the graphic type as a table or as a bar chart. After selecting, click on Ok button to continue.

Then Save and Activate the custom guided procedure.

Now your custom guided procedure is available for execution.

Go back to Guided Procedures Instances page to execute your guided procedure. Click on the + button to start a new execution.

In the next popup, select the guided procedure you just created and then click on + button to add managed systems for scope of execution.

After selecting the managed system click on Perform Manually to create the instance of the guided procedure for the selected scope.

Then click on the instance to start the guided procedure page.

Click on Perform to execute the guided procedure..

Now you will see the result as shown below.

For more information regarding available plugins you can refer the SAP documentation here.

Automatic eMail for Security Validation of SAP Systems

In a similar fashion to setting up email notification for system health check reports, you can also setup Automatic eMail for Security Validation of SAP Systems. For this you need a guided procedure that can run a security validation policy instead of running the system health check.

In our previous blog we have explained how you can setup the Security Validation policy.

Follow the following steps to create the guided procedure that can automatically execute the policy check on your SAP systems.

Creating Guided Procedure for Configuration and Security Analytics

For creating the guided procedure navigate to the Guided Procedures app in the Focused Run launch pad.

In the Guided Procedures app navigate to the Catalog page and click on the sign to create a new Guided Procedure.

In the pop-up provide a name and description for the guided procedure and click on Create.

Back in the catalog page, click on the newly created guided procedure name to open it in edit mode.

The guided procedure will now open in a new tab in the browser. Click on the edit button to start editing the guided procedure.

Now you need to add a automatic step to the guided procedure that will execute the security validation policy. For this, in the Step Details section, enter a step name and description.

Navigate to Step Content block. In the Automatic Activities tab and click on New.

In the pop-up, select the option “Select a Plugin” and select the plugin Configuration & Security Analytics

After selecting the plugin, expand the attribute section and provide the CSA policy name and click on OK.

Back in the main screen save and activate the Guided procedure.

Now you can use this guided procedure to schedule an automatic execution to send an email report. You can do it in a similar fashion to sending email for System Health check report as explained here.

For more details on what all you can do with guided procedures, refer to the SAP Focused Run Expert Portal.

Setting up automatic eMail notification for System Health Check Reports

In our previous blog we have shown how you can use Focused Run Guided Procedure to perform System Health Check for ABAP systems.

This blog explains how you can setup periodic email notification to report the result of System Health Check of ABAP systems.

SAP Focused Run provides a mechanism to periodically schedule automatic execution of guided procedures. With this you can optionally enable email notification. This way we can schedule periodic run of System Health Check guided procedure. From each automatic execution of the guided procedure, an email will be sent with the status of the system health check.

Scheduling Guided Procedures

You can schedule guided procedures using the Guided Procedures app in Focused Run launch pad .

In the Guided Procedures app navigation block click on Guided Procedure Planning.

In the Guided Procedure Planning area, click on the “+” sign to create a new Plan and follow the steps to create a plan.

Step 1: Select guided procedure System Health Check for ABAP Systems.

Step 2: Scope Selection: Select the systems (Ext. System ID) for which you want to run the system health check.

Step 3: Processing Parameters: Select for one time execution or periodic execution.

Step 4: Notification Settings: In this step provide the following details for setting up the email layout for sending the email notification for the guided procedure execution result.

  1. Email Customization (Optional) : Select either of the two options available for this field. With this selection we use the pre-built/inbuilt SAP eMail template provided by SAP.
  2. To: Provide the Recipient List to which you want to send the mail to (You can’t provide direct mail IDs here).
  3. Type: Select Single or Aggregated. The single option sends individual mails for every single system selected in the scope whereas the Aggregated option send an aggregated mail including all systems selected in the scope.

Finally you can click on the Create button as shown below to schedule your guided procedure.

Once scheduled, you can navigate back to the Guided Procedure Planning home screen to see the list of scheduled guided procedures and their current execution status.

Below is sample email for your reference.