Cloud monitoring: alert notification from BTP

The BTP platform has a function called Alert Notification. This is a generic function that can be used to send alerts. It can be used to send alerts from applications, but also to send alerts from the HANA Cloud database.

SAP Focused Run can pick up these alert notifications form the BTP platform. From there Focused Run can be used to further relay the alert to notification teams.

End result of alert notification from BTP

Go to the Cloud monitoring FIORI tile:

Select the configured scenario (explanation of the setup is in the next chapter):

In this case we have setup the alert notification for HANA Cloud. Click on the card tile for details, and click on the interface line:

Now select the errors and the overview screen opens:

Click on a single line to go to the specific error details:

Setup of the scenario

First you need to prepare your BTP environment to allow SAP Focused Run to collect data from the Alert Management application from your tenant and subaccount. This will give you the URL, client ID and client secret (be careful this is only shown once). To do this, follow the steps on the SAP Focused Run expert portal in this link.

For the setup of the scenario in SAP Focused Run, go to the FIORI tile for cloud setup:

Set up the OAUTH end point:

After the setup save the details and test the connection.

Now this end point can be used in the scenario setup.

In the Scenario configuration create the Cloud Service and select the SAP Cloud Platform Alert Notification Service:

In the monitoring details set the Endpoint you just created and filter on the events:

In the third tab Alerting you can set up the alerts if wanted.

Save and activate.

In the scenario modelling you can now use an on premise system and the Cloud Service you set up above to model a graphical scenario:

Author: Frank Umans

Working in SAP since 1998. Started as ABAP developer and later moved to SAP basis and authorizations. Since 2020 working with SAP Focused Run.

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