Central SSL Certificate Monitoring in SAP Focused Run


You can configure monitors to monitor the SSL certificate of a URL using Health Monitoring functionality in SAP Focused Run system. This monitor measures the remaining validity (in days) of a SSL certificate for a https call to a URL. The URL is called by Simple Diagnostics Agent of a designated host in your customer network.

In our previous blog, we have shown how you can monitor availability of critical OS processes via Health Monitoring.

The Health Monitoring app also provides a separate section called as URL Certificate Monitor where in you can centrally monitor expiry of SSL certificates of any https URL.

To navigate to URL Certificates monitor you can click on the URL Certificate button as shown below in the navigation panel of the app.


To configure URL Certificate monitors , navigate to the Configuration area, expand the Metrics node and click on the change button.

In the popup window click on the Add Metric.

In the Metric Configuration window enter the following details in the General tab.

Metric NameA meaningful name to the monitor
URLURL whose certificate to be monitored.
Proxy URL (Optional)The Proxy URL if the URL is accessible via a proxy URL
Customer NetworkThe Customer Network to which this URL belongs. The designated SDA from this customer network will be performing the check.
Technical System (Optional)You can optionally link this monitor to a specific cloud service you have registered in your LMDB. This is the Cloud Service you would have created if you are using AIM scenario for Cloud Service Monitoring. Select from the drop down.
Collection IntervalFrequency of data collection. Select from available options.
ThresholdThreshold for remaining days for expiry. By default 200 Days for Yellow and 100 days for Red.

Additionally and optionally in the Alert Settings tab you can activate alerting and notification settings as shown below.

That’s it, now your monitor is active. To monitor navigate to the URL Certificate tab in the Health Monitoring App .

You can also refer to this SAP documentation to know more about various features available with Focused Run Health Monitoring.

3 thoughts on “Central SSL Certificate Monitoring in SAP Focused Run”

    1. Hi Jose,
      Good question. Indeed there arepossibilities but will be more complicated than Focused Run.

      Foosed Insights is just a dashboarding mechanism to show data collected by various functional areas of solution manager.

      So to use FI for this purpose you must first see how to activate the monitoring, and depending on that you can see how to create a dashboard in FI mostly an OCC Dashboard.

      For example, you can activate the monitoring in System Monitoring and then you use FI OCC Dashboard with data supplier for SYSMON or Alerts.

      Another example would be activate the monitoring in COnfig Validation and then create OCC Dashboard with data supplier for COnfig Validation.

      I hope I guided you enough .

      Let us know.


  1. Hello, I cannot find the section ‘URL Monitoring’ in our SAP Focussed Run Installation. Is that depended on the version?

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