Monitoring ADS (Adobe Document Server)…

This blog will focus on monitoring on Adobe Document Server (ADS)

Monitoring productive ADS systems

When monitoring a productive system, you will need to finetune the monitoring templates for:

  • SAP J2EE 7.20 – 7.50 Application template, for the JAVA application
  • SAP J2EE 7.20 – 7.50 Technical instance template, for the JAVA application servers
  • System host template
  • Database template


Make sure you cover in the JAVA application template the following items:


  • JAVA HTTP availability
  • Expiring certificates
  • JAVA license expiry

From the JAVA instance template make sure to cover the following items:

  • J2EE application status
  • Instance HTTP availability and logon
  • JAVA server node status
  • GC (Garbage collection)

Fine tune the metrics so you are alerted on situation where the system is having issues.

ADobe document server template

ADS has a specific Technical instance template.

Make sure you activate it:

Most important here is the first one: ADS availability. Please make sure you are alerted when this one is not available.

System host template

For system host the regular CPU, memory, disc template is sufficient. Finetune the thresholds to your comfort level.

Database template

Important items of the database template:

  • Database availability
  • Database health checks
  • Backup