Cloud monitoring: CPI message monitoring…

SAP Focused Run Cloud Monitoring can be used to monitor messages to and from the SAP BTP CPI solution. CPI stands for Cloud Platform Integeration.

Questions that will be answered in this blog are:

  • How to monitor message to and from SAP CPI?
  • How to setup the monitoring towards SAP CPI?

End result of monitoring

The configuration of the scenario is described in the next chapter. We start explaining the end result.

Click on the tile for integration and cloud monitoring:

Select the scenario and the overview tile appears:

Click on the card to go to the scenario topology:

Zoom into the overview screen of the errors:

And drill down to any specific error:

Set up of the CPI monitoring scenario

Follow the steps from the SAP expert portal for CPI monitoring to setup the STRUST in SAP Focused Run for the CPI URL.

Validate in the SAP Focused Run ABAP stack that these two parameters are set in RZ11:

  • icm/HTTPS/client_sni_enabled = TRUE
  • ssl/client_sni_enabled = TRUE

If this is done, go to the cloud setup FIORI tile:

Add a new end point for CPI:

The application key, client ID and client secret will need to be provided by the basis person or functional consultant maintaining the CPI interface configurations on the BTP cloud. Depending on the security setup, a proxy is required as well.

After entering the details check the connection that connectivity is working as expected.

Now go to the configuration of the interface scenario and create a new cloud service for Cloud Platform Integration:

On the monitoring screen specify filters for specific IFlows if requiered:

On the alerting tab you can set up any alerting wanted:

Set the filter for alerting (in this case all failed flows):

Assign alert receivers and make sure everything is saved and activated.

Now you can model the scenario graphically as well: