Custom metric to detect if there are no free work processes…

From availability perspective, you want to detect as quickly as possible if you don’t have any free work processes left.

You can create a custom monitoring metric to measure and act on this.

Creation of the custom metric for no free work processes

Create a custom metric following the steps in this blog. The template to be adjusted is the technical instance SAP ABAP 7.10 and higher template.

Don’t forget to tick it on for monitoring otherwise it is not active.

In expert mode create a custom metric.

Create technical name Z_NO_FREE:

In the data collection:

Data to enter: RFC on diagnostics agent (push). Select ABAP System Log Stats. Filter on message number QoG with text *NOWP*.. For more information on system log messages, read this blog.

Define the threshold for alerting:

And assign the metric to the ABAP Resource Shortage alert group: