Monitoring Specific ABAP Dumps in System Monitoring of ABAP System

In System Monitoring of ABAP systems in Focused Run, with the standard monitoring template, we can monitor the frequency of ABAP dumps.

For monitoring if there are dumps of a specific type we have to create a custom metric. In this blog we explain how.

For creating a custom metric in the monitoring template, open the Template Maintenance App in the Advanced System Management area of Focused Run Launch-pad.

Note: You can’t add a custom metric to a SAP delivered standard template. For that you will have to copy the standard template to your own custom template.

Open your custom ABAP instance level template in edit mode.

Switch to expert mode for template maintenance.

Click on Create –> Metric to create a custom metric.

Provide a Name, a Technical Name and metric type in the Overview tab as shown below.

In the Data collection tab enter details as shown below. Here for the parameter Error_ID you can provide the ID of the specific ABAP dump that you want to monitor.

Navigate to Threshold tab to specify the Threshold type and Threshold. For instance in this example we have specify the threshold to rate the metric as reed if there is 1 or more of the specific dump.

Now you can click on Next and then Finish button to save the metric.

Next you need to create a custom alert to generate a specific alert for this specific dump.

In the expert mode maintenance go to the Create button and then from the drop down select Alert.

Enter the details as shown below and click on Next button.

Then in the Assignments tab you will see the custom metric you just created. Select the check box for this metric and click on Finish to save the alert.

Now your custom metric is ready together with alerting active.

To activate this template update on all managed systems navigate to Managed Objects tab for the template and click on Apply and Activate button.

Now you can see custom metric under instance level in system monitoring.