Monitoring web dispatchers

This blog will focus on monitoring of standalone web dispatchers. Standalone web dispatchers are used to load balance web traffic towards ABAP and/or JAVA systems. Common use case is to have web dispatcher for a large Netweaver Gateway FIORI installation.

Monitoring productive cloud web dispatchers

Monitoring of web dispatchers focuses on availability and connectivity/performance.

The web dispatcher template contains most needed elements out of the box:

Issues with performance are often caused by limitations set in the web dispatcher configuration. Keep these settings active.

You might want to add specific custom metric to monitor the most important URL for your web dispatcher. Read more in this specific blog.

Next to this setup the normal host monitoring to make sure the file system and CPU of the web dispatcher are not filling up and causing availability issues for the web dispatcher function.

Monitoring non-productive web dispatcher systems

For monitoring non-productive web dispatcher systems, it is normally sufficient to restrict to host and availability moniotoring.

Bug fix OSS notes

3373764 – Issue with Content Server on Web dispatcher templates

Monitoring Netweaver Gateway systems

This blog will focus on monitoring on Netweaver Gateway systems. These are used to host FIORI applications.

Monitoring productive Netweaver Gateway systems

When monitoring a productive system, you will need to finetune the monitoring templates for:

  • ABAP 7.10 and higher Application template, for the ABAP application
  • ABAP 7.10 and higher Technical instance template, for the ABAP application servers
  • System host template
  • Database template

In many cases you will also an SAP web dispatcher installed. This requires a separate SSI and monitoring setup.


Make sure you cover in the ABAP application template the following items:


  • Message server HTTP logon
  • System logon check
  • RFC logon check
  • License status
  • Certificates expiry
  • Update status

Performance and system health:

  • Critical number ranges
  • SICK detection
  • Dumps last hour
  • Cancelled jobs last hour


  • Global changeability should be that the system is closed
  • Locking of critical users like SAP* and DDIC (see blog)

Fine tune the metrics so you are alerted on situation where the system is having issues.

Netweaver gateway template

For Netweaver gateway, also assign and fine tune the Gateway template:

This contains gateway specifics:

Web dispatcher template

If you use a web dispatcher, make sure you perform the SSI for it and assign the web dispatcher template:

The important custom check on URL availability is best to setup as well: read this blog for instructions.


Make sure you cover in the ABAP application server template the following items:


  • Local RFC logon test
  • Local HTTP logon test (if any BW web scenario is used)
  • Local Logon test
  • Message server disconnects (see blog)

Application server performance and health:

  • Amount of critical SM21 messages
  • No more free work processes (see blog)
  • Update response times

You can consider to setup extra custom metrics for the application servers:

System host template

For system host the regular CPU, memory, disc template is sufficient. Finetune the thresholds to your comfort level.

Database template

Important items of the database template:

  • Database availability
  • Database health checks
  • Backup

Functions monitoring

Next to the availability and performance mentioned above, check also for monitoring certain functions:

Custom metric for web dispatcher URL monitoring

When you are using a web dispatcher, you want to check that the main URL is available. You can achieve this via URL monitoring in health monitoring (see blog).

In some cases you want to integrate this vital start URL into system monitoring, since that is your main central tool.

You can create a custom monitoring metric to measure and act on this.

In the use case below we will setup URL monitoring for web dispatcher for SAP Netweaver Gateway serving FIORI pages.

Creation of the custom metric for web dispatcher URL monitoring.

Create a custom metric following the steps in this blog. The template to be adjusted is the technical system SAP Web Dispatcher template.

Don’t forget to tick it on for monitoring otherwise it is not active.

In expert mode create a custom metric.


In the data collection:

Data to enter: RFC on diagnostics agent (push). Select SRSM Ping Http Unsp. Select the HTTPS protocol and setup the URL to monitor: /sap/bc/ui2/flp?sap-client=xxx&sap-language=EN. This is the main FIORI start URL. The port number is taken from the LMDB settings of the web dispatcher: $SAP_WebDispatcherIPServicePort->SAP_IPServicePort.PortNumber$.

Define the threshold for alerting:

We take here three measurements. If we don’t then with a single glitch in the network an alert will be triggered.

And assign the metric to the system message alert group: